Meet Our Perfumer

Introducing our in-house perfumer Ravi. With 25+ years of experience in the fragrance industry, Ravi is passionate about scent and its connection to memory.

What inspired you to become a perfumer?

I've been around perfumery my whole life with my Dad also being a perfumer. I didn't know much about perfumery when I was younger, but I do recall visits to the manufacturing sites and my Dad's laboratory on several occasions. Later on, it did strike me that this was something very unique, particularly when someone would ask what my Dad does for a living.

How did you love for fragrance begin?

It wasn't until I actually got into the industry that my appreciation and love of fragrance began. What I really made a connection with was the fact that an odour can transport you to a past time and place. Scent is so heavily connected to memory and I find that fascinating.

What has been your path to become a perfumer?

My path could be seen as a non-traditional one. I started as a compounder, actually manufacturing the fragrances in bulk. This is how I came to be familiar with all the raw ingredients. From there I moved into sales and management, therefore exposing me to customer requirements and the use of fragrances across many different areas. In recent times, say the last 15 years, I've had a steady focus on perfumery itself. I now delve deeper into customer requirements especially within the candle industry. A lot of thought goes into what our online customers want and we are led by their special connection to scent and memory.

What is your day to day like at Scent Method? 

Most days are spent in front of a set of scales and my perfumery organ (lab). It’s from there that I create the next fragrance we might be selling at Scent Method or I begin working on a specific customer brief. Part of creation always demands that the fragrance be stable in its application as well as being a "crowd pleaser". Some of the more technical aspects come into play as the creative process progresses.

Where does your inspiration for the scents you create come from?

I think this all comes back to scent and memory. Perfume is a deeply personal and objective way to connect to many of your emotions and past experiences. I love the idea that scent can bring back a long-forgotten memory, good or bad, transporting you to another time and place.

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