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A must-have kit for all candle enthusiasts for practicing the art of candle care. This kit includes a Wick Trimmer, Wick Snuffer and Wick Dipper.

Keep your candles burning optimally with all the premium tools you need to care for your wicks. Available in four colours Black, Gold, Rose Gold and Silver.

The Wick Trimmer prevents soot build-up and mushrooming to promote a clean, even burn and smoke-free burn. Trim the wicks prior to each burn around 5mm.

The Wick Snuffer extinguishes your candles safely and ensures a mess-free process. It encapsulates the flame, removing any oxygen to prevent wax splatters and smoke.

The Wick Dipper allows you to push the wick into the melted wax pool to quickly extinguish the flame. It allows you to adjust the wicks upright for trimming.

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Contains 1 x Wick Trimmer, 1 x Wick Snuffer and 1 x Wick Dipper packaged in a box.

Packaging Size:

Length: 205mm
Width: 95mm
Depth: 34mm

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