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Create your very own diffuser fragrances at home with our easy-to-use DG diffuser base. This entry level diffuser base is designed for a long-wearing, optimal and clean fragrance throw; formulated with no parabens or phthalates. We recommend mixing between 16% to 22.5% fragrance with 77.5% to 84% diffuser base. Mix thoroughly and pour into your diffuser glassware.

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Our DG (Dangerous Goods) diffuser base soaks the reeds efficiently for maximum scent dispersion with a shorter shelf-life due to the evaporation rate of a higher content of ethanol.

DG means that such goods or chemicals are classified as dangerous goods when they are either locally or internationally transported.

Contains Ethanol
Classified as Dangerous Goods
Vegan Friendly
Max Fragrance: 16 - 22.5%
Made in Australia

Please note: We recommend testing to achieve optimal scent throw results. Take care when handling and avoid spilling on surfaces as it may permanently stain or damage if prolonged contact is made.

Please note, all information on this website is a guide only. We recommend that you conduct your own testing prior to committing to large orders. Scent Method Pty Ltd is not responsible for the quality and safety of your final products, only the quality and safety of the raw materials we provide.