Let’s Talk Fragrance Notes

We think it would be safe to assume that one of the reasons you are in the business [or about to be in business] of making candles is due to a love of fragrance.

Fragrance has the magical ability to transport you to a time, place, or memory. It can set a mood, lift your spirits, and even remind you of a loved one.

But what are fragrance notes? How do they work?

Fragrance is comprised of notes:

Top Notes

Top notes are generally the notes you first smell upon application or when you first open a candle or diffuser. Top notes are incredibly important when it comes to a consumer’s initial impression on a fragrance.  These are the lightest notes and the first notes to fade. Often top notes are comprised of citrus, light fruits, and herbs such as sage.

Middle Notes

Middle notes [also known as heart notes] make around 40-80% of the finished fragrance. Middle notes step in just before the top notes begin to fade. Middle notes tend complement the base notes and include smoother fragrances such as jasmine, lavender, and lemongrass.

Base Notes

Base notes become apparent once the top notes fade. These are the richest notes of the fragrance [think; vanilla, musk, patchouli, and sandalwood]. Not only are base notes the longest lasting notes but they create the full body of the fragrance.

These three levels of notes are what make the fragrance journey by creating an aromatic flow. Enjoy testing fragrance combinations to achieve your perfect scent!

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