Why Choose Scent Method?

Calling all perfume enthusiasts, candle lovers and skincare fanatics!

We welcome you to Scent Method – our fragrance-centric marketplace for candle and diffuser making supplies, luxury fragrance oils, bath and body bases and DIY projects.

Located in the Prestons, New South Wales, we manufacture our exclusive range of fragrances at our in-house perfumery. We use high-quality ingredients sourced both locally and around the globe under stringent quality control and testing to ensure the highest standard of fragrance oils are produced.

Unleash your inner creative with our extensive library of fragrance oils for application in candles, diffusers, hand sanitisers, soap and lotions, room sprays and more. Our luxury fragrance oils, timeless glassware vessels, candle wicks, premium wax blends and sumptuous bath and body products will meet all your making needs.

Whether you’re looking to purchase supplies for your small business, brand, shop, market stall or are interested in candle making as a hobby, we’ve got you covered!

DIY is a mindful activity – it’s good for your soul, not just for your home! It’s not only a great cash saver but can give you a sense of accomplishment and pride. It can become a channel to explore your creativity and personal style. Show off the new skills you’ve learned by displaying your hand-made creations in your home, gifting them to loved ones or selling them for valued customers to enjoy.

At Scent Method, we’re all about collective empowerment, reaching your creative goals and constantly striving to learn and upskill. Our aim is to provide fragrance enthusiasts with the tools to experiment and get creative with their candle making endeavours. We encourage any and all creative testing [of course, making sure to follow our recommendations and safety guidelines].

Can’t decide between our offering of fragrances? Try out our luxurious fragrance oils and experience the beautiful scents for yourselves with our conveniently sized 50ml bottles. We have an array of fresh, fruity, floral, gourmand, woody and oriental fragrances to choose from.

Enjoy the process and get creative! We can’t wait to see your creations.

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